Your Teeth or Dentures – This is the Question!

Whatever your physical age, you can do something positive for your own health TODAY by recognizing the importance of the oral cavity in overall body health. This is a relatively new thought in medicine but is gaining broad acceptance.

“A recent study noted by the American Dental Association found people with serious gum disease were 40% more likely to have other chronic conditions such as diabetes, osteoporosis and heart disease.”

Problems in the mouth begin with a collection of bacteria adhering to the surface of the teeth. With prolonged residence, they rapidly expand in numbers and begin to break the seal between the tooth and gum tissue, opening up an environment below the gum line where bacteria thrive. The infection damages surrounding tissue and bone and is characterized by swollen and bleeding gums and the eventual loss of the tooth.

Hygiene – More Important Than You Think

The swollen and reddened nature of the gums actually means the body has called up the troops to fight off an infection. It is a sign your immune system is working.

Inflammation is the innate immune system response to an attack anywhere in the body. “Anywhere in the body” is the key phrase. Never in history have we been subject to so many chemical irritants; in air, water and food, infection-causing pathogens and toxins! The immune system has to maintain a constant state of inflammation as toxins and pathogens move about and settle in various parts of the body, a real and constant burden on the immune system. The mouth, being at the entry point, is “target one” for the reduction of harmful pathogens and thus the reduction and prevention of inflammation.

Hygiene is not just for “clean teeth” every six months, but is a stop gap measure to eliminate a major “breeding ground” such that they can not spread throughout the body and increase the inflammation response to a point of overwhelm!

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