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    Ray G Behm DDS

Welcome To Behm Natural Dentistry

Our purpose is to help you achieve and maintain better health with a beautiful natural smile, through our biological or holistic approach to dental care.

Dr. Behm is committed to the elimination of toxicity, structural imbalance, decay and harmful metals in the oral cavity and uses only the safest dental materials in bringing teeth back to their best level of functionality and health. Both, the office environment and the delivery of procedures are geared to your safety and comfort. Dr. Behm has achieved a level of knowledge and professional skill that sets a very high standard in dentistry.

There is a wealth of information on this site and we invite you to take advantage of what is here. Gaining familiarity with the many aspects of dental health is half the battle in knowing what path you can take to create the best possible dental outcome.

The Next Step Toward Dental Health Is To Contact Our Office

To facilitate that connection, choose one of the general categories below that best describes your current dental condition, the reasons you have to want to see Dr. Behm. Choosing a category brings up additional information on your area of concern and provides a way to tell us more about yourself which streamlines the entry process, making it as smooth and productive as possible.

Which General Category Best Describes Your Concerns?

Establish a relationship with a Natural Dentist...

I want to establish a relationship with a Natural Dentist, as I appreciate the holistic approach to dental health. I may have a cavity or two and definitely want to experience the “hygiene difference” in a Natural Dentistry office. I’m interested in “The Secret” and other home care remedies to prevent further dental problems. Their is one particular tooth I think need attention very soon plus I would like to have healthier gums.

The condition of my mouth is not good...

The condition of my mouth is not good and I think it is affecting my overall health. I have missing or broken teeth and experience discomfort or pain at times when chewing. I have mercury filling and old root canals. My teeth are negatively affecting my smile and even the contour of my face. I don’t want to lose any more teeth! I have some fear in confronting everything that might be wrong, but I need to know how to get back on the path to better health.

Symptoms of a misaligned or unbalanced bite...

I have symptoms of a misaligned or unbalanced bite including; jaw, neck, back and facial pain, discomfort in speaking, chewing or even making facial expressions. I sometime have migraines, insomnia and breathing issues when i sleep. I may be grinding my teeth at night. It cannot be a good sign that my jaw is always popping.

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