Mouth Condition

The condition of my mouth is not good…

There is a new level of health available in Natural Dentistry. Undiagnosed poor health conditions or disabilities in free and easy motion can revert back to “normal” when the right dental problem is found and handled.

An increasing number of medical doctors now acknowledge the importance of first handling the “dentistry” in their patients mouth before continuing with their own treatments.

Many people still don’t realize the connection and the very real side effects of having mercury and other metal fillings in the mouth or having old root canals, inflamed gums or unhealed extraction sites. All these condition need to be examined and addressed to lower the toxic load on the body.

A correct identification of the causes of a health problem, in and of itself, brings relief as you can begin to see why these strange conditions exist and that there is an organized approach in Natural Dentistry to handling the health problems you face stemming from the mouth.

The Full Mouth Examination

Diagnosis can not be done lightly. To find the often unseen conditions that precipitate the symptom you see and feel, a through set of detailed x-rays, photographs, impressions and an assessment of mercury fillings and root canals, all need to be done and reviewed. The Full Examination is also a time to get your questions answered. This is time and money well spent. Without a Full Examination, it would be difficult to lay out a treatment plan in a proper sequence that will lead to a structurally sound dentition and a great natural smile!

Services We Offer

Metal Toxicity

  • Mercury Removal with Safest Protocols For Staff and Patients
  • Removal of Incompatible Metals in the mouth.

Bacterial Toxicity

  • Root Canal Surgical Extractions
  • Cavitation Surgery

Mouth Restoration

  • Crowns, Bridges, Partial and Full Dentures, Complete Mouth Restorations.
  • Fillings with biocompatable materials

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