Patient Profiles

"I have been working in health care for almost 20 years and what has been the most surprising is the last few years, watching patients think differently about their health care, being more proactive and trying to understand the benefits of natural medical treatments. So, I think there is a huge market for natural dentistry. It is just a very natural step and is what people will expect and demand for their health care."

"Other dentists view the teeth as things that you take out and you drill and there is no relationship, no symmetry, no biocompatibility between your teeth and the rest of the body. Dr. Behm realizes that this is so not the case. Anybody would be lucky to have him as their dentist because he cares so much and is on the cutting edge of what is really happening, researching what is going on all over the world, plus he has a lot of practical experience on what has happened with his own clients!

"If you do not feel the way you want to feel right now, before you do anything else, go see Dr. Behm, let him check you out, let him show you what is actually in your mouth, let him see if there is something there because it could handle everything you are trying to handle. Literally in one visit you could know."

"I had those root canals for almost 15 to 20 years so that is 15 years of toxicity that was going throughout my body and imbedding itself deep into the tissue and organs and continually flowing so it did a little damage and here I am now getting rid of those toxins and rebuilding my body at the same time with fresh organic food and vegetables, rebuilding with the right nutrients and minerals that those cells need. I was very impressed with Dr. Behm and his approach with dentistry."

"I started having a lot of different problems, my heart would race, basically all kinds or different problems started happening, so I started doing a lot of research on root canals and it being a dead organ in your body and it made sense to me, having all those bacteria in my body streaming along, it can definitely effect other symptoms of your body. I came to the conclusion it is best to try and alleviate the whole problem and what better way to do that than to just start with what you definitely know is causing some of your aliments and some of your symptoms."