Setting a Pattern for Health!

Health in 2017 – A Personal Goal?
January 17, 2017
The Micro 02 eliminates the grinding sideways pressure, improves the airway, and normalizes the energy and blood flows in the body, without adding additional trauma!
April 25, 2017
Setting a Pattern for Health!

The information in this interview with Dr. David Minkoff, MD is something everyone should understand if they seek a life of better than average health! His line of reasoning and his experiential track in finding answers to a wide variety of body problems is information sorely needed by all of us!

Health requires some conceptual understanding as to how the body functions naturally and what can go wrong in daily living that subverts the internal process of the body that normally protect us! The general population watching TV ads for possible health answers will not gain that conceptual understanding. It falls to each of us to find out for ourselves and to understand and Dr. Minkoff is moving us in that direction.

The doctor/dentist relationship is a critical component in achieving a new health paradigm which is emerging by necessity! Our current level of understanding and practice is not keeping up as we are seeing declining health statistics, particularly in younger generations that are experiencing epidemics of autism, cancer, and ADD!

We appreciate the working relationship with Dr. Minkoff and you will see why in this interview.

Ray Behm Jr., DDS

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