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Cavitations of Concern to Doctors and Dentists Alike

Cavitations of Concern to Doctors and Dentists Alike



A Cavitation is a lesion appearing in the bone as a hole with dead or dying tissue from lack of oxygen flow or infection, and is usually a site containing toxic materials. Commonly, a cavitation can develop in old tooth extraction sites, around the root tips of dead teeth or root canal teeth or from injury in long bones of the body.

A cavitation may exist with or without symptoms for some time, but they always engage the inflammation processes as they are sites of extreme toxicity, anaerobic bacteria and their waste products, and heavy metals.

Cavitations of Concern to Doctors and Dentists Alike

The body seems to sense there is an area of low blood circulation where it can store everything “harmful” to keep it from instantly moving to other areas of the body, a difficult task as a toxic response can take place as fast as an electrical response. The systemic influences of these toxic lesions is of concern to both medical health professionals and dentists alike as their presence can inhibit many normal healthy processes throughout the body.

In cavitational surgery we are removing the dead tissue including ligaments and a small layer of bone to a point that we see blood flow returning to the area. Ozone is used in the operation as well as homeopathic cocktails. We pack the area with artificial bone graft material and concentrated platelets or “stem cells” spun down from a draw of your own blood, which accelerates healing time and bone growth. Good bone structure permits the possibility of later implants or well structured dentures.

We are well aware there often are antecedent structural problems that may have restricted the blood flow to the cavitation area. A misalignment of the bite from injury, wear and earlier dental procedures can keep jaw muscles contracted to accommodate to the aberrant bite position, which can restrict blood and lymph flow.

Cavitations and Structure

Where structural problems exist, we use day and night appliances after the cavitation surgery heals, to regain the more ideal downward and forward position of the mandible, relieving the muscles contractions and regaining overall good flow, a full circle of healing where the body can serve itself better with corrected form and function.
Enjoy this testimonial from a pre med student that received cavitational surgery at our office.

Ray Behm, Jr. DDS


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