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Dr. Richard Davis- OgenX Therapeutics

Energy and Light at the Cellular Level

There is a communication system within the body that is the least known but perhaps the most basic and important in keeping our complex biology coordinated and functioning!

Biophysics, the relatively new and upcoming science of quantum level energy manifestations in the body, describes the biophoton as a light impulse emitted at the cellular level that races through the body via the fascia, the connective sheath that surrounds every cell and organ in the body. This speed-of-light communication always proceeds any and every chemical reaction! If impaired, the normal internal coordination is lacking which opens the door to malfunction and disease.

Now, here is something to know — and we are privileged to have Dr. Richard Davis to explain this phenomena and why it is important to health and Natural Dentistry!

Dr. Davis is the CEO of OgenX Therapeutics, his latest research venture aimed at improving the cells’ ability to turn on their self- repair signals when and where oxidative stress occurs. The inability of the cell to efficiently metabolize oxygen into energy is seen as the underlying cause of many degenerative diseases.

This is highly informative and Dr. Davis has the ability to communicate in such a way that we see and understand the importance of energy in health.

Thanks much to Dr. Davis.

Ray G Behm, DDS

Dr. Richard Davis- OgenX Therapeutics

To understand the structure and role of the Fascia – google this author and book. Dr. Gamberteau’s groundbreaking work explains this structural phenomena and its significance for manual therapists and movement teachers as well as every other health practitioner.