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Tom B.

I have recently discovered something Life Changing that I would like to share. A little over a year ago I developed some cardiac arrhythmias that were quite troubling. I was on a trip to the Mexican highlands and it very nearly ruined the trip, but I saw my cardiologist immediately upon returning home and his opinion was that there was nothing life-threatening going on, so I just tried to get used to the changes. For over a year I lived with irregular heartbeats, the waking up in the middle of the night, the anxiety of knowing that something was wrong but not having any way of treating it or dealing with the symptoms. On that same trip to Mexico, I cracked a tooth that had a large silver amalgam filling in it, and the outside surface of the tooth broke away exposing the entire filling to my mouth. I knew that amalgam fillings were a source of mercury and that mercury is hazardous to one’s health, but I dragged my feet doing anything about it because my long time dentist had retired and I had not yet found another dentist that I wanted to work with. It took me some time to connect the dots between the mercury filling and the cardiac condition. When I began to suspect that my mouth was the source of several health problems that had been plaguing me I began to look for someone with the expertise in dealing with the hazardous materials and that search led me to Dr. Raymond Behm in Clearwater Florida. His website was very impressive, his credentials and reputation were impeccable so I made an appointment to have an initial assessment and to develop a treatment plan. To say that his exam was thorough does not adequately describe that first day. He calls himself a “Holistic Dentist”, and as I have come to learn that means that he treats the whole patient, identifies every issue that the patient is dealing with so that he can develop a complete understanding of the person’s healthcare needs and his unique contributions to their recovery. He has a network of affiliated professionals that he can call on for non-dental-related issues, and he very often recommends seeing one or more of those people to ensure that your immune system is capable of recovering from the dental procedures. Dr. Behm recognized the urgency of removing that exposed filling and he very kindly agreed to work me into his schedule the next morning. His procedures for getting rid of the mercury are extraordinary and once you experience the elaborate precautions that he and his team take during the procedure you have a totally new appreciation for the toxicity of those fillings. That was a month ago now, and during that month the irregular heartbeats have completely disappeared!!! I am totally committed to the plan of removing all the rest of my amalgam fillings and I wouldn’t think of doing it with anyone other than Dr. Behm.

Dr. Behm practices integrative medicine. That is to say that he brings in elements of therapy from many other disciplines in order to treat body, mind, and spirit, and he patiently and tirelessly explains why he uses certain techniques, and the things that he incorporates have proven to be effective over time and with many satisfied and grateful patients. One of the things that he taught me is that each tooth is directly connected via pathways that correspond to the meridians used in acupuncture, to internal organs throughout the body. So infections in the mouth and in cavitations of the jawbone can cause a wide range of problems in the rest of the body, including heart disease, cancer, MS and on and on. For instance, I was diagnosed with collagenous colitis some 12 years ago, and my doctor told me that the condition is “idiopathic”, ie. we don’t know what causes it and we have no effective treatment for it. Anyone who has ever had any kind of colitis knows how limiting the symptoms can be and how much it can affect your life. Looking back at that time, I remember that I had an infected tooth and that my dentist recommended and root canal and crown. We did that procedure but the infection returned multiple times and the antibiotics used to control it were just not effective. The periodontist even did a procedure to surgically treat the roots of that tooth and scrape out the infected bone tissue in hopes that my immune system would clean up the rest of the infection. It helped but did not solve the problem entirely. Dr. Behm showed me that my root canal tooth is directly related to the lungs and the large intestine and that my colitis is likely due to the toxins produced by that dead tooth. Dr. Behm removed that dead tooth one week ago yesterday and I can already tell a huge improvement in my symptoms. I had no idea how this all worked and I bet most people are unaware of how these infections can cause serious and life-threatening conditions in the rest of the body. I am living proof, and I am forever grateful to Dr. Behm.

I have been so impressed with the attention to detail and the amazing concentration that Dr. Behm brings to his practice. It is confidence inspiring to watch him organize the workflow and direct his team members, who are amazing as well. Every moment is a teachable moment and he is a great teacher. His assistants are the best that I have seen and the care and attention that they give to patients is unexpected and so much appreciated. He is a wonderfully kind man with a huge heart and I feel so Blessed to have found him…Thank You, Dr. Behm.

Full & Partial Dentures

Dr. Behm has taken advanced courses at Las Vegas Institute (LVI) on the creation of dentures and partials that will fit very comfortably and can correct non-optimum bite and TMJ situations.

Using the new technology of neuromuscular dentistry, he can make dentures and partials that fit like a dream, as well as help improve problems with sleep apnea, headaches, neckaches, backaches, and other body problems.

Having a properly fabricated partial/denture can open the airway (thus increase the body’s ability to get enough oxygen), which is absolutely crucial for feeling vital and alive.

Many are under the impression that a denture is a denture is a denture. In other words, all dentures are the same. This is far from the truth. It’s like cars, is a Pinto the same as a BMW? It comes down to one gets what they pay for, and there is a tremendous difference in the quality of dentures. A main area of difference is fit and biocompatiblity of the materials.

Denture wearers oftentimes suffer because even a “good” denture is never as good as their own teeth. Many experiment with economy dentures, considering cost to be the primary concern, but end up with a drawer full of ill-fitting dentures and a bathroom cabinet full of denture adhesives.

Many denture wearers suffer from such problems as difficulty in eating food, pain, slippage, difficulty in speaking, an unattractive smile, bone loss, a sagging face, and an increased incidence of sleep apnea.

These problems affect almost 20 million Americans wearing dentures, as getting the bite exactly right for a person with no teeth can be extremely challenging for dentists. Normally it’s pretty arbitrary as to exactly how the teeth are going to come together as there are no reference points (as there are no teeth left).

Where to determine the bite is THE key issue in creating dentures, and a very challenging one. While the denture wearer may sometimes get by with the arbitrarily chosen bite, they often end up with functional problems in chewing or speech and in discomfort or an unnatural look.

Neuromuscular dentures are far superior to standard dentures in appearance and function. They fit exceptionally well without embarrassing slippage.

Thanks to our advanced training in neuromuscular dentistry, we can better determine the optimal position of your bite and jaw. Proper bite is the key reason why there can be an astounding difference in results between regular and neuromuscular dentures.

The process of creating an exact fit involves using the TENS unit (Transcutaneous Electro Neural Stimulation) to completely relax the muscles of your face, jaw, and neck so that we can determine what is the natural resting position of the jaw.

Next, we use the Myotronics K-7 to establish the most comfortable position of your bite. This technology measures the motion of your jaw by using a computerized tracking system and electromyography to pinpoint the optimal placement of your new dentures.

The aesthetic part of finalizing your denture design is where art comes into play. Our advanced training in aesthetic/cosmetic dentistry enables us to producing dentures with a natural and pleasing look. Even the smallest details are taken into consideration — the size of various teeth, angle at which they are set, the golden proportion ratios of height to width, shade and color. The end result is a denture that functions and looks great.

With a neuromuscular denture you will be able to speak, eat and smile with complete comfort and confidence.

Smiling Elderly Woman

Phil M.

Dr. Behm and his whole staff do a fantastic job.They will educate you and I was so glad I removed all of my metal fillings once I was aware of the toxicity of those fillings. Their dental hygienists are wonderful. You will be very pleased by choosing Dr. Behm and his team for your dental care. Everyone is so caring there. Five Stars for sure.