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Newsletter – August 2016

Not long ago I met Dr. Sammy Noumbissi at a conference exploring the use of zirconia, as an advanced ceramic in dental applications. A strong, biocompatible and easily adapted material to replace missing or extracted dentition has long been needed in Natural Dentistry, and at this conference I found a solution!

Being “Natural” Dentistry, earlier “metal” implant solutions went against our overarching Health Formula which calls for improving structure but not in a way that adds the potential for greater toxicity!

Many of our patients seek us out to help them remove metals, not add them!

As you will hear in this interview, the mouth is a harsh environment and anything permanently placed there must be inert, must not react to a changing environment, and in fact must be biocompatible with the surrounding gum and bone.

You will find this a fascinating interview and discover why zirconia ceramics are a very real solution to replace infected and dead teeth which are certainly not contributing to your health!

We are proud to announce that we now offer these new zirconia ceramic implants in our office. Contact us if this seems like a good solution for you!

Thanks much,
Ray Behm, JR. DDS