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Patient testimonials from our Clearwater holistic practice

 Behm Natural Dentistry in Clearwater, FL is founded on knowledge share – educating patients by putting life-changing information into their hands. These testimonials show the empowerment that comes with taking control of wellness through a holistic approach.


  • Rachel S.

    Rachel S.

    Today Dr. Behm extracted my infected tooth. Everyone is very nice and made me feel very comfortable. Dr behm did a mustle test on me and pescribed me pain medicine. So far I haven’t needed any!

  • Lois K.

    Lois K.

    Excellent care by everyone in the office.. before, during, and after the procedures are done. Everyone shares their knowledge so more than one person can do a specific job..

  • Brittney R.

    Brittney R.

    The most amazing dentist I have ever met. I have had terrible irrational fears of going to the dentist ever since I was a child. However, Dr Behm is the most gentle and caring dentist I have ever experienced. I feel sincerely comfortable with him and his staff. My kids also love love love the hygienist Petra who cleans their teeth!

  • Tobie G.

    Tobie G.

    I have been going to Dr. Behm for many years now. The only problem I have ever had is that he is far away from where I live. It takes me an hour and fifteen minutes to drive there but I am not willing to go to another dentist!!! I feel so comfortable and trust him and how he works. I love that he uses kinesiology and is so knowledgeable and aware of what it really means to be a “natural” dentist and all that goes with that. Also I get to use Care Credit which allows me to charge my visit and pay it off without interest which can really help depending on what you need done.

  • Paulina B.

    Paulina B.

    I have been living in Clearwater, Florida for 4 years and I had been in search of an excellent dentist. After trying many different dentists, a good friend of mine suggested that I call Dr. Behm.
    My friend had great results and said the staff was amazing. I immediately called to make an appointment for a checkup and the rest, as they say, is “History.”
    Dr. Behm and his staff are extremely professional, friendly and competent.

  • Jeff L.

    Jeff L.

    Dr. Behm is committed not only to his patients but to training those he entrusts with his practice. And it shows in the level of care. Some of the diagnostic procedures such as muscle testing (kinesiology) and pH and Vitamin C testing will seem curious to those not exposed to alternative practice but the approach is integrative and Dr. Behm’s extensive knowledge of his field and concern for the patient will put almost anyone at ease. You would be surprised at what impact oral toxicity and bite misalignment can have on your health. Highly recommended.

  • AnnaLisa C.

    AnnaLisa C.

    Finally!!! We found dentists who care & get it. Your dental health is so important and neglect can cause so many other problems. It’s a lot harder/detail oriented to do Natural Dentistry vs “Tradition Dentistry” Quick fix is easy and ever so common these day among dentists and medical doctors. The common “toolbox” has pills & bandaids in it and don’t forget that bill! Those quick fixes will come back around sooner then later and cause havoc on your system. This place is one of a kind for sure.

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